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Inbound Marketing Is The Future

As an entrepreneur trying to secure their position in the market, you may take the usual route of directly marketing your products and services to get your name out there and chase sales.

Inbound marketing is defined as providing valuable information to help potential customers come to you instead of you chasing them like in direct marketing. It's all about creating an audience that identifies your business as best placed to provide a solution to their problem. And for a successful inbound marketing programme, you need inbound marketing specialists.

An inbound marketing specialist is responsible for developing inbound campaigns that attract new customers and retain existing customers. They do so by providing useful information in blogs, social media content, email campaigns, newsletters and leveraging on SEO.

Here is a closer look at what an inbound marketing specialist will do for you.

get the right team on board

And while this is a proven strategy that often yields satisfactory results, have you considered taking a different route?

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developing and managing inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing strategy

A specialist will hold a meeting with you, their clients to know you, your goals, target demographic, unique selling propositions (USPs), and the scope of the industry and competition.

Using this information, the inbound marketer will then develop an inbound marketing strategy that best suits your business. They will then oversee the strategy’s execution, which includes social media campaigns, content generation coupled with search engine optimisation (SEO), user experience optimisation, and conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

targeting user behaviour

Build buyer personas

Although often underrated, buyer personas are important to an inbound campaign as blogging and social media engagement.

After all, the goal of an inbound marketing strategy isn’t just to attract customers but to attract the right crowd of buyers.

And this is best done by creating buyer personas that resonate with a business’ target group. These personas make customers feel noticed and create the image of a company that recognises and acknowledges their needs.

Conduct technical research

Keyword research is important when trying to develop content in line with the buyer personas. An inbound marketing specialist will use this research to find keywords worth producing content for and develop suitable blog titles for the reader.

With a number of in-house technicques we can pin point market gaps and close them off. Depending on the project scale, we may purcahse 3rd part data to leverage our research effort and align the strategy to your busines model.

Revisit and Analyse content

Inbound marketing isn’t all about new content; the specialists also must revisit and analyse older campaigns to determine what’s been working well and what hasn’t. These campaigns will be measured against certain key performance indicators (KPIs).

The keywords rankings, web traffic, number of leads, and conversion rate will help an inbound marketing specialist determine the success of a marketing campaign. Once they analyse these metrics, they can double down on what’s working well to make it work even better and try to fix what is bringing less than desirable results.


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