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How is your product better than other solutions? What is unique about your side project, open-source tool or mobile app? What do you understand about your business that other companies in it just don't get?

You should have answers to all these questions. Market research will help you out! Personally, I define Market Research as a combination of User Research and Competitor Analysis. The first part we discussed in the section above. And these guides will explain how to research your competitors, catch trends and validate market opportunity:

📌 Useful tools:

  • Google Advanced Search Operators is a competitive audit tool to help you find exactly what you’re looking for 🙂
  • Twitter Advanced search is an easy way to search anyone on Twitter.
  • SimilarWeb provides detailed info on different sites & overview of their marketing strategy. A free version is pretty good.
  • Alexa is one of the oldest web analytics tools out there, but it’s still a great option with strong free version.
  • Social Mention is a nice free tool, which provides real-time search on brand mentions.
  • With Buzzsumo you can find the most shared content for a given topic or competitor. In a free version you will get the full page of content with many filters.
  • Siftery and AlternativeTo allow you to find alternatives to any product.
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