Content marketing 2020

💎 Content Marketing

Content marketing is about promotion via content. You can run a personal blog, guest blog or write at platforms, like Medium (or combine it). Focus on how you can help your users with your content. You don't have to be a professional writer for making cool articles. Just give yourself space to be creative and share your expertise.

I encourage you to start doing content marketing by yourself. Outsourcing it can be very tricky, especially at the beginning. 🤔 Firstly, think how your blog or content is you going to stand out. There are plenty of cool blogs in every industry. How are you going to be different? What unique value can you offer to your users? How can you build an engaged readers community? And the most important question is how you will convert readers into leads. With all those considerations, you should create a content strategy:

😎 Personal Blog

Start by creating a blog that not only touts your product but offers helpful recommendations, tips & tricks, links, etc. Check what competitors' blogs are publishing, what is popular in the industry and what your users are interested in. Align your article ideas with the content strategy, you have already defined. To get some inspiration scroll these bits of advice:

Pick the most appropriate content format — video, list, long-read. Then think about the right headline for driving interest to your great article:

Craft your blog with SEO focus:

📌 Check your grammar and readability! I use these cool apps:

📗 Medium Marketing

Medium is an online publishing platform with a huge active community. You can make your blog there and engage with your users and Medium readers. You still need to promote your articles yourself. Medium is a high-traffic community, but you are not the only one who competes for attention.

Basics of writing on Medium. How to write, edit, publish and add your article to publications:

Articles, where you can find what topics, titles, collections, tags, categories and post length are popular for Medium readers:

Publishing on Medium or elsewhere removes all your technology hassles. It's a good place to start implementing your content marketing strategy.

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