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If you want to make a deeper dive into the user's brain, I will recommend you to learn disciplines on the intersection of marketing. These articles will be a nice starting point:

Scarcity makes us place a higher value on things that are scarce and, over time, has become the go-to method for increasing desirability. It is powerful because it combines multiple biases (Loss aversion, Social proof and Anticipated regret) and it comes in different forms (Time, Quantity and Access).

New digital technologies expose consumers to the consequences of revealing a wide variety of personal information. Consumers may share with a company not only registration data and usage behavior but also biometric data as well as facial and emotional reactions. The growing number of digital technologies adopted by marketers, bot

Online and offline, has dramatically increased consumer-related privacy issues. Technologies such as sensors, RFID tags, and augmented or virtual reality allow marketing managers to target, customize and streamline their marketing activities. However, such technologies tend to engender fears, concerns, and reactance related to the disclosure of personal information. Consumers face a loss of privacy when they disclose their personal details and this loss varies across individuals and categories of information.

Prior research on privacy has focused on issues as they relate to legislation and regulation or the psychological mechanisms underpinning humans’ cognitive and emotional reactions to the disclosure of personal information. In general, the discrepancy between people’s concerns and their online sharing behaviors, has been discussed with reference to social factors, cognitive biases, and concepts such as bounded rationality. The goal of this Special Issue is to provide a comprehensive overview of individuals’ reaction to privacy issues, and to understand the motives to disclose or reveal personal information within a marketing or consumption context.

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