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Is there a wordpress plugin or similar that will put a box on each of my pages that says something like "this is a ten minute read, if you don't have time right now let me email it to you" that will capture email address and email them the article?
Email Outreach: The Ultimate Guide
In this guide, there are no silver bullets, magical how-tos, or secret strategies that will bring you thousands of links. The main idea behind this guide is to share how you can start getting links faster and easier, however, not effortlessly! Most likely, the first month of email outreach won’t…
Welcome to Ecommerce Unlocked: Your Free Ecommerce Marketing Course
E-commerce is booming. There are currently 24 million e-commerce sites and counting. And with only 12% of sales taking place online, you can expect there to be massive growth in the years to come. So if you want to create an online business, one of the best ones to create is an e-commerce store. But…
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Research for B2B marketing:

  • Interview people
  • Run surveys
  • Sit in on sales meetings/calls
  • Sit in on support/customer success meetings/calls
  • Read support tickets from customers
  • Use a software like Ging to automatically analyse sales/customer calls
  • Read industry-specific reports from Forrester, Gartner, etc.
  • Look at titles of conference presentations, podcasts, and blogs in your space
  • Keyword research with SEO tools like SEMrush, Searchmetrics, ahrefs, Sistrix, Ubersuggest
  • Scrape “people also asked” questions from Google. Can use a tool like AlsoAsked
  • Conduct win/loss interviews. Ask about their journey and touchpoints
  • Interview customer-facing departments

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